Digital Marketing for Doctors Guide, Everything You Need To Know To Grow Your Practice FAST

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Digital Marketing for Doctors can be hard to achieve since in today’s digital age, everything is fighting to grab your attention. It can be hard to know where to even start when it comes to finding the perfect digital marketing plan for doctors. Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives and customers are depending on online resources to make their final purchase decisions more than ever.

So how do you cut through all the noise and stand out as a brand and a strong voice in your local community? We put together this extensive digital marketing plan specifically for doctors that cuts through the noise and goes straight into exactly what you need to do to grow your practice FAST. 

In this comprehensive digital marketing guide for doctors, we will explore everything you need to know about digital marketing strategies that work, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to propel your practice to new heights.


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #1: Digital Marketing Starts With Local Google Reviews



We all have heard the saying “content is king”, but the truth is, local reviews matter more than how much content you have on your website for local businesses. When a user is looking to find a new place to eat, one of the first things they do is look for a top-rated restaurant. It’s NO different with a doctor. Local SEO is a game of who can collect the most reviews. The local practice with the most reviews is king of that local area. And the best way to become the new king of a local area, is to have more 5-star reviews than your competitors. As a local practice, everything you do revolves around your local reputation, and it starts with Google! Yelp, Zoc Doc, WebMD, and others are also very important to keep up with. So if the game is to collect the most reviews, how can I do that as a local business?


Run A Marketing Campaign Focused On Collecting Reviews

The best way to collect a high amount of positive reviews is to gamify the process of collecting reviews. But what does “gamify the process” mean? It essentially means to make collecting reviews into a game, where there is a strong incentive for a patient and an employee to participate in growing your local reputation.

Sure, you can slap a QR code and have employees ask for 5–start reviews, but there is no strong incentive for either party to really give it their best. At Doc Digital SEM, we have run very successful gamified processes of collecting reviews that have worked very well in growing local reputation. Here are the exact steps to do this:


Select A Irresistible Prize

A patient will be more prone to leave a positive review if they know they can win something REALLY GOOD. The prize will be different depending on the practice you run, but we included a list of examples that we know from experience have worked very well.

    • A Med Spa can give away a free facial, botox, or laser hair removal package.

    • A chiropractor can give away a free massage session, alignment, ect.

    • A pulmonary doctor can create a gift basket that could include a $100+ restaurant voucher, a bottle of wine, and some delicious snacks. 

Creativity is your only limit when choosing a prize. Locations, practice type, seasonality, and your audience will help you determine what the best prize to offer is. During Christmas, Christmas themed prizes will perform better than just choosing a random prize. 

Include The Employees

To enhance results, you may consider incentivizing your employees by offering a reward to the individual who gathers the highest number of reviews! The winner would receive a cash prize of anywhere between $25 or more, depending on what you feel is right for practice type

Make It Easy For People To Participate

The worst thing you can do is create this great giveaway campaign to collect reviews, and forget to make it as easy as possible for a customer to leave a review. Within your Google My Business profile, you will find a link to share a direct URL to your listing. 



We are going to copy this URL and head into Canva to generate a free QR code along with creating a stunning poster design that will draw the attention of your patients as they pass by the front desk or sit in the waiting room. 

Do Not Put A Limit Per Customer

Every review collected should count as an entry. If a customer owns more than one Google account, or if a family all wants to submit a review to participate, then you should capitalize on that and have them all leave reviews for as many extra entry submissions as possible! There is no amount of reviews that is too much for you to have after all.


How Long Should I Run This Campaign For?

A minimum of a month. This will allow you to maximize the amount of reviews you will collect throughout the duration of the campaign. Too short and you won’t get the best bang for your buck. Too long and people will be less interested. The sweet spot is between a month and a month and a half.


How Often Should I Run A Collecting Reviews Campaign And When?

We recommend that you run it anywhere between two to four times a year. Holidays are great times where participation is highest. Christmas, July 4th, and March Madness are some good holidays/seasons to run a campaign. Keep in mind that the times of year that you run it will heavily depend on your location, your audience, and your practice.


Hire Doc Digital SEM To Run A Reputation Management Growth Campaign For You!

Our social media packages include aggressive local reputation management so you don’t have to worry about managing the campaign! We can handle everything from creating the prize, picking a winner, alerting the winner, designing the banners, running paid campaigns, creating social media posts, and ensuring the item is delivered to the winner. Check our our Social Media Services to grow your local reviews fast!


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #2: Optimize Your Local Listings



Now that you have a good strategy in place to grow your local reputation, we want to make sure that every listing you have is fully up to date with the latest company information. For local directories like Google and Yelp, you want to make sure you list all your services with thorough descriptions of each of those services. Also make sure that the keywords you want to show up for are used within your Business Categories or service descriptions. If possible, include links to each of your service pages on your website in the description of each service. 

NOTE: Some Google My Business Profiles will have different options as to what you can add as a category, description, ect. Some business profile industries do not let you leave service descriptions. Need some guidance, check out Our Extensive Guide on How To Optimize Your Local Google My Business Listings!


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #3: Build a Professional Branded Website 



A well-designed and user-friendly website is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy. It serves as an online representation of your practice, providing essential information to potential patients, and builds trust with new visitors. It is going to be either your first, or second biggest lead generator. So ensure that you have a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate and is designed with conversion as the goal throughout each page. Here are some important tips for designing a High-Converting Website.


Conversions Is Your Website’s Main Goal

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your website to maximize the ease with which visitors can convert into patients, regardless of their location on the site. A well-designed website incorporates forms throughout the landing page experience, a call widget, and, in some cases, a chatbot. The menu should include your company’s phone number or a button that directs users to the main contact page. At Doc Digital, we typically recommend placing a horizontal form right below the hero image, which is the first element that loads on a website and contains the page title. You can find examples of excellently designed websites with strategically placed forms in crucial locations.


Here are some of samples of websites using well-designed forms to build a high converting website:


Make Sure To Build A Branded Unique Site That Stands Out

A website with a distinctive brand identity will effectively convert and retain visitors compared to a generic website filled with Adobe stock photos. You want to make sure your website stands out, and what makes you different from the rest of your competitors can be easily found within the first few seconds of browsing your site. If your want to conquer digital marketing for doctors, you want to make your website stand out as a brand and leave a lasting impression on visitors. We recommend implementing the following unique elements:


Distinctive Brand Identity

Develop a strong and consistent brand identity that reflects your practice’s values, personality, and target audience. Use a unique color scheme, typography (font), and logo that sets you apart from competitors. If you have not done so, creating a brand kit will help you organize your brand’s assets.

Engaging Branded Visuals

Incorporate visually appealing and high-quality images, videos, and graphics that align with your brand’s aesthetics. Avoid generic stock photos and opt for custom visuals that showcase your practice’s uniqueness. The best way to have branded visuals is to schedule a 1 to 2 day media day package where a top-grade photographer and videographer can come in and take photos of your clinic, patients, employees, film testimonials, reels, and more. 

Compelling Storytelling 

Who does not like a good story? Share your practice’s story, mission, and values through compelling storytelling techniques. If you can connect emotionally with visitors by conveying the impact and value of your services in a relatable and authentic way, you will leave a longer lasting positive impression on your users.

Add Interactive Features That Drives Conversions

Imagine you are a user coming into a website wondering what type of vein issues you have. On the home page, you find a FREE vein assessment quiz that will help you identify your issues. A user can take this assessment, and at the end have their results emailed to them once they submit their info! Now you have created an interactive feature that is centered around conversions! Other interactive features can include virtual tours, booking a visit online, or speaking to a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions.

Showcase Social Proof Proudly

Showcase testimonials, case studies, and success stories from satisfied patients to build trust and credibility. Include real patient experiences and positive reviews that highlight the unique benefits and outcomes of your services. Below, you will find some sites that include reviews that stand out. Notice how all of the sites, the goal is to make these sections pop out so users understand that this is a top-rated business! A user needs to understand that they are hiring the best of the best when navigating every page.


Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader And Industry Expert

Showcase your published articles, whitepapers, research studies, or expert opinions that demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, positioning your practice as a trusted authority. If you have been featured on the news, showcase it throughout your website. These will help you build trust with your user.

Seamless User Experience

Focus on providing a seamless and intuitive user experience across all devices. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and has easy navigation and clear calls-to-action. A smooth user experience enhances brand perception and encourages visitors to stay longer on your site.

By implementing these unique elements, you can create a website that stands out from the crowd, leaves a lasting impression, and strengthens your brand identity in the minds of your visitors. For a full guide on what you should be doing to maximize your website results, check out our guide that dives deeper into the science of conversion optimization and web design.


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #4: Use Website Contact Forms That Are Scalable

When designing your website, you want to ensure that your forms have the ability to add a webhook. What is a webhook? A webhook essentially captures data that is submitted on the form, and allows that data to then be used by zapier to connect to 4,000+ apps and softwares. The goal of ensuring you have this is to make your site scalable, and shorten your lead to closed deal cycle. The quicker you can reach out to a prospect that submitted their form, the higher chance you have to close that deal. If you want to learn a bit more about automation, you can check out Zapier’s Automation University, or contact the Marketing Automation experts at Doc Digital SEM!


Connect Your Forms With Your CRM Using Zapier, Direct Integrations, Ect.

Once we know that your forms can connect to anything you wish to connect to, the next step is to add all your automation. The most important automation to create is your website lead to CRM automation. You want to ensure that all your leads from your site are automatically imported into your CRM so your sales team can quickly hop on all incoming leads immediately.


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #5: Add Call Tracking, Google Analytics, and Meta Pixel

Incorporating call tracking, Google Analytics, and meta pixels into your digital marketing strategy is crucial for several reasons. 


Call Tracking 

Allows you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking and analyzing phone call leads. It provides valuable insights into which campaigns, keywords, or channels are driving the most phone inquiries, enabling you to optimize your efforts and allocate resources more efficiently. 

Google Analytics 

Offers a comprehensive view of your website’s performance, providing data on visitor behavior, traffic sources, conversion rates, and more. This information helps you understand user engagement, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your website’s effectiveness. 

Meta Pixel

Previously known as Facebook pixel, are essential for remarketing and conversion tracking. By placing this snippet of code on your website, you can track user actions, retarget visitors with relevant ads, and measure the success of your advertising campaigns. 

In summary, incorporating call tracking, Google Analytics, and meta pixels empowers you with actionable insights, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts, improve user experience, and drive better results for your practice. You want to know what converts the most, so then you can focus your marketing budget on those efforts more!

Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #6: Ensure User Friendly Navigation Menu & Site Structure

Ensuring user-friendly menu navigation on your website is of utmost importance for a seamless user experience. A well-organized and intuitive menu structure enables visitors to easily find the information they need, navigate through different sections of your site, and access key pages effortlessly. Additionally, an intuitive menu enhances mobile responsiveness, improves SEO rankings, and increases conversions. Make it easy for users to navigate to where they want to be!


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #7: SEO & Content Marketing Will Be Your Biggest Lead Generator


SEO & Content Creation play are the key ingredients in both local and national rankings. Local clients might not think there is a need for creating blog content that ranks nationally, but both national SEO & local SEO work hand in hand! Since local listings like Google use data from your website, having a strong, nationally well ranking website will also improve your local map search results. This is especially important for clinics and medical centers. Since Google often limits the services you can list on your Google My Business listing, generating blog content surrounding the keyword is the effective workaround for your local listing to show up for that service! A simple example can be an InBody Assessment. If your local Google My Business listing does not allow you to create custom categories, then the work around is to create landing pages, blog articles, and location pages that contain or have content optimized for that keyword.

Google will crawl your page and note that InBody assessments are offered at your facility. Users now searching for “InBody Assessment Near Me” will have both map search results and search results for that specific service near them. 


Google Search Results Showing A Med Spa Offering InBody Assessment For Someone Searching InBody Assessment Near Me


Perform A In-Depth Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a pivotal role in the success of any digital marketing strategy. It involves identifying the specific words and phrases that potential patients use when searching for medical services online. By conducting thorough keyword research, you gain valuable insights into the needs, interests, and behaviors of your target audience. This knowledge allows you to optimize your website content, blog posts, and advertising campaigns to align with these keywords, increasing your visibility in search engine results. If you want to know how to perform in-depth keyword research, check out our “Guide For How To Perform In Depth Keyword Research”. Below we are including how to tackle your keyword research in stages.


Start With Low Keyword Difficulty Keywords That Include Your Main Keyword 

If you see keywords with national search volume, low keyword difficulty, and competitors with poor content articles that are ranking first, these are the golden nuggets to start with. Typically keywords with your overall title as a doctor will be the hardest to rank for. For Example, the word “pulmonary doctor” would require a lot of top quality content for you to be able to rank first in Google Search Results. 

Semrush Keyword Seach Volume For Pulmonary Doctor

However, if you aim to rank for content for a keyword such as “Obstructive Sleep Apnea Doctor”, you have a much higher chance of outranking competitors for this specific keyword. As you perform your keyword research, aim to find keywords with 300+ search volume and a keyword difficulty lower than 50%.  

Aim to create content surrounding these keywords and ensure each of these content pieces link to your main service pages and other important pages on your site. If you want Doc Digital to create an in-depth keyword research sheet for you, reach out to us! Here is a quick checklist of key points to look out for with SEO:

  • Long tail keywords are easier to rank for
  • Interlink all your important pages
  • Ensure you don’t compete against yourself for keyword ranking
  • Use engaging titles such as “complete overview of what to expect when visiting a pulmonary doctor for sleep apnea”
  • Ensure you have alt text on all your photos that contain important keywords or similar keywords that you are trying to rank for
  • Use a search engine friendly website building platform. We recommend WordPress.
  • Use tools such as Yoast, Semrush, & Surfer SEO to help with focusing on keyword optimization per page.
  • Use descriptive meta descriptions on each of your pages containing that pages focus keyword
  • Create location pages for each city you service that lists all your services on the location page (See Below):


Digital Marketing for Doctors Tip #8: Contact The Digital Marketing Experts At Doc Digital SEM! 


SEO is the one of the best approaches for digital marketing for doctors. We hope this helps you get started! If you ever need some help, be sure to reach out to Doc Digital SEM, your Digital Marketing Doctor! Below we are including some articles that build upon creating a strong local presence! Make sure to check those out as they will amplify your local lead generation results.


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