Local SEO For Chiropractors: 10 Tips Dominate Local Search Results

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Local SEO for Chiropractors

Local SEO for chiropractors is one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your patient base for your chiropractic clinic in 2023. It is a top Chiropractic Digital Marketing strategy and is highly recommended for chiropractors with physical locations or service areas. In this guide written by our marketing pros, we will cover 10 tips to dominate your competitors locally!

1. Optimize Your Google My Business To Maximize Your Local SEO

Optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is a key step in boosting your chiropractic clinic’s online visibility. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of your Google My Business profile:

Complete Your Profile

To start, you want to make sure that you have filled in every field that Google offers. The more complete your profile is, the more information Google has to offer to potential patients. When optimizing your Google My Business profile, you goal is to have a strong profile strength.

Google My Business Profile With A Strong Profile Strength

Ensure To Select The Proper Chiropractic Practice Categories For Your Google my Business Profile

When creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing for your chiropractic clinic, it is important to select the primary category of “Chiropractor” as it encompasses most general chiropractic services. However, Google My Business also allows you to choose additional categories that provide more specific specializations your clinic may offer.

Consider the following chiropractor categories based on the services your chiropractic clinic offers:

  1. Chiropractor: The primary category for chiropractic clinics.
  2. Chiropractic Clinic: Another common primary category for chiropractic practices.
  3. Physical Therapist: If the chiropractic clinic offers physical therapy services in addition to chiropractic care.
  4. Massage Therapist: If massage therapy is offered as part of the chiropractic services.
  5. Rehabilitation Center: Applicable for chiropractic clinics that focus on rehabilitation and recovery.
  6. Pain Control Clinic: For chiropractors who specialize in pain management.
  7. Wellness Center: If the chiropractic clinic emphasizes overall health and wellness.
  8. Sports Medicine Clinic: For clinics that provide chiropractic care for athletes and sports-related injuries.
  9. Alternative Medicine Practitioner: Appropriate for chiropractors who offer complementary or alternative medicine services.
  10. Acupuncture Clinic: If acupuncture is provided in conjunction with chiropractic care.
  11. Spinal Decompression Clinic: If the clinic offers spinal decompression therapy.
  12. Holistic Medicine Practitioner: Suitable for chiropractic practices that take a holistic approach to health and healing.
  13. Naturopathic Practitioner: For chiropractors who incorporate naturopathic treatments into their practice.
  14. Pediatric Chiropractor: If the chiropractic clinic specializes in treating children.
  15. Geriatric Chiropractor: For clinics that focus on chiropractic care for elderly patients.
  16. Family Chiropractic Clinic: If the practice caters to individuals of all ages.
  17. Chiropractic Radiologist: For chiropractors who specialize in radiology or diagnostic imaging.

Remember to choose chiropractic categories that accurately represent the services provided by your clinic. Accurate categorization can enhance your visibility among individuals searching for specific chiropractic services.

Pro Tip: If you are setting up a Google My Business profile for your chiropractic clinic for the first time, we recommend referring to our comprehensive guide, how to setup a chiropractic GMB, which provides step-by-step instructions on setting up your GMB profile.

2. Enhance Your GMB Listing With Photos of Your Chiropractic Clinic 

Local SEO for Chiropractor Strategies Being Show To A Chiropractor Using A Spine Model

To make your listing more appealing, be sure to upload high-quality photos that showcase your chiropractic office space. Include images of your clinic, the welcoming front desk area, different treatment rooms and devices, and happy clients receiving service. Additionally, consider adding staff photos to provide a personal touch and establish a connection with potential patients.

Use Focus Keywords In Your Business Description 

When crafting your chiropractic business description, incorporate your focus keywords strategically throughout the description. However, it’s crucial to maintain a natural, readable description. Try to avoid excessive keyword stuffing. Google may penalize your local search ranking if they find your listing spammy. Aim for a balance between incorporating keywords and creating engaging, informative content.

Enable the Booking Feature

If your chiropractic practice management software integrates with Google, take advantage of the booking feature provided by GMB. Enabling this booking feature allows patients to book appointments directly through your GMB listing, streamlining the appointment scheduling process and enhancing convenience for potential patients.

Monitor GMB Insights

Keep an eye on GMB Insight features. This valuable free tool provides insights into how patients discover your chiropractic business listing and their actions after finding it. By analyzing these insights, you can gain a better understanding of your audience and make informed decisions to optimize your listing further.

By following these tips, you can improve your chiropractic clinic’s online presence and attract more patients to your practice.

Collect More 5 Star Reviews

Having a high number of positive 5-star reviews greatly increases the likelihood of your chiropractic clinic appearing in local search results when people search for a chiropractor in their area. By doing some local SEO research, we can set important marketing goals and metrics that can help us achieve 1st page rankings on local searches.

By going to Google.com, you can search for relevant keywords like “chiropractor near me” or “best chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale.” These local searches will help you identify the top-ranking chiropractor competitors and the number of reviews they have.

Once you have identified your primary competitors, your goal should be to surpass them in local rankings by accumulating more reviews than them. The primary platform to focus on for collecting 5-star reviews is GMB. However, it is also beneficial to gather reviews on other platforms such as BBB, Yelp, ZocDoc, and other local directories. By doing so, you demonstrate to Google that your chiropractic clinic is active and prominent in the local area.

Your top priority should be to build a strong presence on Google My Business as it holds significant weight in influencing search rankings. If you can establish a reputation as a highly-rated chiropractic clinic according to Google’s metrics, your listing will be more prominently displayed, ensuring user satisfaction.

3. Update Your Google My Business Regularly With Google Posts

Updating your Google My Business is important for improving your local SEO and increasing your online visibility. While there is no exact formula for how often you should update your profile, it is generally recommended to make updates at least once a week. Another way to know how often you should be posting is to check your competitor’s posting frequency, and adjust your posting schedule accordingly to stay ahead.

Here are some post types to boost your local SEO for Chiropractors:

Upload Geo-Tagged Photos

Local SEO for chiropractors can be improved by uploading new photos regularly to your GMB profile. The trick to boosting your local SEO for chiropractors is to use a tool like GeoImgr to geotag your photos, which helps Google recognize your business’s location and activities through geocoordinates. Include photos of your office, your front desk, testimonial photos, and any event you may hose (with patient consent). 

Google Posts

Use the post feature on your GMB profile to share updates about your chiropractic practice, new promos, special holiday offers, social updates, or blog articles. Making a new post at least once a week keeps your chiropractic profile active and engaging.

Pro Tip: You can use tools like One Up to schedule photos in advance for your Google My Business.

Collecting And Responding To Reviews

The best tip for mastering Local SEO for chiropractors is to collect and respond promptly to all the reviews left on your GMB profile. When replying, talk about the chiropractic service and experience provided, and express gratitude to patients for choosing your chiropractic clinic. This not only shows your dedication to customer service but also shows to Google that your profile is active.

The trick is to use important keywords when replying to your reviews, or talking about the service performed. This will help Google understand that your chiropractic clinic offers this type of service and will show your listing to users who are searching for those services specifically near them. Google can even sometimes bold the search term within the review, see the sample image below:

Have Your Patients Mention Your Chiropractic Services In Your Google Reviews.

Use the review replies feature to get a little Local SEO for chiropractor boost! Try it out!

Information Updates

If by any chance you change any contact information such as your operating hours, services, or contact information, update your GMB profile immediately to keep it accurate and reliable.

Remember, Google My Business is not just a listing service but also a platform for engaging with potential and existing patients. By providing fresh content and regular updates, you give people more reasons to interact with your profile and improve your online presence.

4. Create Location Pages On Your Chiro Website To Rank For Local Keyword Searches

Location Pages for SEO

Local SEO for Chiropractors can be mastered by utilizing location pages to help rank for local keyword searches. Location Pages are great for local SEO because they are often easier to rank for in search results compared to nationally competitive keywords. 

When optimizing your location pages for local ranking, it is important to include the city and the focus keyword for each location. For example, a location page could be titled “Chiropractor Clinic Miami, Florida.” This page would be specifically optimized for that particular location keyword, letting Google know that your chiropractic services are available in that city.

Pro Tip: Use Google Maps Quick Builder to create a Google Maps Location Widget and add it to your location page. This helps Google link your website property to your Google My Business profile. Another great tip is to geotag your chiropractic clinic photos on your location page, so that Google can further recognize the specific geographic location associated with that location page.

As you expand your chiropractor clinic to multiple locations, individual location pages that focus on specific keywords become increasingly more crucial. Local searches for specific services can often reach thousands of monthly searches. Therefore, it is essential to create dedicated pages with keywords that include the “city” and the “specialty chiropractic service.” Conduct local keyword research to understand how you can optimize these pages and improve your ranking for relevant local keywords.

5. Try Content Marketing To Increase Domain Authority For Local SEO

Content marketing is a powerful Local SEO for chiropractor strategy that can increase your overall domain authority. It is also an affordable chiropractor marketing strategy that provides long-term benefits. Here’s how you can use content marketing to enhance your local SEO for your chiropractic practice:

Chiropractor Blogs That Include References To Your Locations

Regularly publish blog posts about chiropractor tips, treatments, and services you offer. Each blog post adds more content for search engines to index, which helps you rank for additional keywords and strengthens your overall domain authority. Once you become a topical authority, it becomes even easier to rank for local keywords!

Quality Content

Focus on creating unique, well-researched, and informative content. Prioritizing quality over quantity sets you apart from other chiropractor competitors and increases the likelihood of other websites linking back to your blog content, resulting in a boost in your domain authority.


Incorporate relevant local and chiropractic-related keywords naturally into your content. This can improve your ranking in local search results and help readers understand your content better.

Link Building

Use your chiropractic content to build links. Write guest posts on reputable chiropractic-related blogs or offer your content as a resource to local organizations. Backlinks from high-authority sites enhance your domain authority.

Regular Updates

Keep your content up to date. This not only provides current information for readers but also aligns with search engines’ preference for fresh content.

Increasing your domain authority consistency and time. Prioritize creating valuable content that delivers meaningful benefits to your audience. As your domain authority grows, you can expect improvements in your local SEO rankings.

6. Harness The Power of Local Directories And Local Citations

Local SEO for chiropractors can be achieved by listing your chiropractor clinic in local directories. Here are some important local directories where you should highly consider listing your chiropractor clinic:

  • Yelp
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Facebook Business
  • Yellow Pages
  • Healthgrades
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • ZocDoc

Remember to ensure that your listings in these directories are accurate and consistent across all platforms. Providing detailed and up-to-date information, along with positive reviews from satisfied patients, can significantly improve your local SEO and attract more patients to your chiropractic clinic.

Pro Tip: There are over 100+ local directories that you can list your chiropractic clinic. At Doc Digital SEM, we offer manual local listing services to over 100+ directories for a flat fee of $350. This is highly recommended Local SEO for chiropractors strategy if you have’t listed your chiropractic practice in any local directories.

Do not pass up on having over 100 juicy backlinks from authoritative local directory websites. This is a great strategy to increase local SEO rankings for your chiropractic practice.

7. Do A Local Press Release

Press Release for Local SEO

If you have never done a press release, now is the time to do it! Press releases are a great local SEO for chiropractor strategy that can helpful to your local SEO rankings. Here’s how a press release can help your local SEO:

Increased Online Visibility

When you distribute a press release, it can be picked up by various online media outlets, increasing the visibility of your chiropractor office in the local community. This leads to more online mentions and potential backlinks to your website, which can positively improve your local SEO for chiropractor strategy.

Local Citations

A press release often includes your chiropractic office’s name, address, phone number, and website (NAP+W). Consistent citations across different media outlets can contribute to building a strong local SEO presence. Search engines, like Google, consider these citations when determining local search rankings.

Brand Awareness

Local SEO for Chiropractors include brand awareness! Press releases help raise awareness about your chiropractic office in the local community. When people come across your press release, they become familiar with your brand, leading to increased recognition and potential word-of-mouth referrals.

Authority and Credibility

A well-crafted press release can position your chiropractic office as an authority in the local chiro industry. It allows you to highlight your achievements, expertise, community involvement, or any unique aspects of your practice. This can improve the credibility of your brand and attract potential patients.

Local Media Coverage

Press releases have the potential to catch the attention of local media outlets, such as news websites, magazines, or newspapers. If a media outlet decides to cover your story, it can provide valuable exposure to your chiropractic office and significantly enhance your local SEO efforts.

Backlink Opportunities

When media outlets cover your press release, they can sometimes include a link back to your website! These backlinks from authoritative and reputable sources can improve your website’s domain authority and local search rankings.

Overall, a well-executed local press release can help your chiropractic office gain visibility, credibility, and improved local search rankings, contributing to the growth of your chiropractor clinic.

8. Add Local Schema Markup To Your Website Pages

Google's Schema Markup Testing Tool

Implement structured data markup (schema) on your website to provide search engines with detailed information about your chiropractor practice, such as your business hours, location address, chiropractor services, and reviews. These pieces of information can help search engines understand and display your information accurately in local search results. Use Google’s Schema Markup Validator to check if you implemented the schema on your site correctly.

9. Create Local Video Content For Youtube And Your Website

A great local SEO for chiropractor strategy is using Youtube to upload chiropractic video content that includes your location information in the video description. Below we included some content ideas that can help boost your local visibility:

Chiropractor Treatment Explainer Videos

Create informative videos that explain common chiropractor treatments such as rehabilitation, acupuncture, spinal adjustments, and the benefits of massage therapy. These videos can educate viewers about the procedures, showcase your expertise, and establish your chiro practice as a reliable source of information in your local area.

Patient Testimonials

Local SEO for chiropractors can also be improved by filming video testimonials from satisfied patients who have had positive experiences at your chiropractic practice. These testimonials can highlight the quality of your services, provide social proof, and build trust with potential patients. These will all support your local SEO efforts.

Daily Health Tips and Advice

Share practical health tips and advice through video content. Topics can include proper sitting positions while at work, simple stretches to do to avoid having a hunchback, common chiro myths, and tips for maintaining healthy spine. These videos demonstrate your commitment to patient education and positions you as a trusted local chiropractic resource.

Meet the Team

Introduce your chiropractic team through short videos, allowing viewers to get to know the friendly faces behind your clinic. Highlight their experience, qualifications and friendly demeanor to build a personal connection with potential patients in your local community.

Virtual Office Tour

Local SEO for chiropractors can maximized by adding virtual tours of our clinic to your website and Youtube. Take viewers on a virtual tour of your chiropractic office. Showcase the comfortable waiting area, sterile treatment rooms, and state-of-the-art equipment. This video can give potential patients a glimpse of what to expect when visiting your chiropractic clinic, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in choosing your services. 

Pro Tip: Create the video title to include your city location if it is relevant, for example, like the virtual tour. The “city location” keyword will help you get a little boost to your local SEO, letting Google know this is how your office looks at so and so location.

Remember to optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant local keywords. Promote and share your videos on your website, social media platforms, and local directories to increase visibility and engagement. By creating compelling and locally targeted video content, you can effectively improve your local SEO and attract more local patients to your chiropractic clinic.

10. Hire Doc Digital SEM To Run A Local SEO For Chiropractor Marketing Campaign

Doc Digital SEM Marketing Agency

At Doc Digital SEM, we believe in working with you where you are. That is why we offer affordable chiropractor marketing strategies starting at $250 for Local SEO. If you would like to dominate your local search results, Doc Digital SEM is your best digital marketing partner to start increasing your patient volume for your chiropractic clinic! 

We are a full-suite digital marketing agency offering specialized services in Medical Marketing. In our wheelhouse of medical marketing services, our Chiropractor Marketing Services stand out. Our time-tested digital marketing strategies have helped many chiropractic clinics increase their ROI on marketing spend like no other agencies have been able to do. 

Contact us to launch your local SEO for chiropractor strategy today and see why Doc Digital SEM is a leading provider of Chiropractor Digital Marketing services! 

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