13 Medical Clinic Marketing Tips To Master Online Marketing

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Medical Clinic Marketing Tips

Digital marketing for medical clinics can prove challenging in 2023. It is a competitive digital marketing landscape for medical clinics who want to increase their online visibility. With so many different medical clinic marketing and advertising strategies, it can be overwhelming to determine which strategy will bring you the best results.

In our comprehensive medical digital marketing guide, we will explore everything that you need to know about digital marketing strategies for medical clinics that work in 2023. We put together this guide of marketing ideas for medical clinic that will help you take your practice to new heights!

1. Make Sure To Focus On Your Local Google Reviews

Make Sure To Focus On Your Local Google Reviews

It’s true that content is king, but when it comes to Local SEO for Medical Clinics, local reviews are the true king. Even more important than the amount of content on your website is how your reputation compares to all the doctors in your local area within your niche. The reason? People mostly use Google search when trying to find a medical clinic near them–and they look at Google reviews before deciding to continue to a website.

To be the king of your local SERPs, the key is to be the highest-reviewed medical clinic in your local area. The medical clinic with the highest-rated Google listing becomes the king of that local area and will show more often than less reviewed clinics. Your local reputation is crucial, and it all begins with Google Reviews! Try collecting more reviews on your Google My Business listings and see how your digital marketing results improve dramatically!

2. Make Sure To Optimize Your Medical Clinic’s GMB Listing To Maximize Local Search Results

Now that you have a good plan to improve your local medical clinic’s reputation, it’s important to update all your business listings with the latest information. For directories like Google My Business and BBB, include detailed descriptions of your services. Below we included items to check off when completing your Google My Business optimization:

  • Complete Your Profile
  • Ensure To Select The Proper Medical Clinic Categories For Your Google My Business Profile
  • Add Photos of Your Medical Practice
  • Use Focus Local Medical Keywords in Your Description 
  • Use the Booking Feature On Your GMB Listing

What GMB Business Categories Should I Choose For My Medical Clinic?

Google My Business profiles may have different options for categories and descriptions depending on your practice type.

The specific categories available might change over time, but here are the most common medical clinic-related categories that are available at this time:

  1. Medical Clinic
  2. Urgent Care Clinic
  3. Family Practice Physician
  4. Internal Medicine Physician
  5. Pediatrician
  6. Cardiologist
  7. Dermatologist
  8. Orthopedic Clinic
  9. Ophthalmology Clinic
  10. Dentist
  11. Chiropractor
  12. Physical Therapy Clinic
  13. Rehabilitation Center
  14. Neurology Clinic
  15. Psychiatry Clinic
  16. Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  17. ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Clinic
  18. Pain Management Physician
  19. Allergy Clinic
  20. Podiatrist

Keep in mind that Google’s available categories change over time, and that there may be additional or revised categories that might become available on a later date. It’s always a good idea to check the latest options directly on the Google My Business platform when creating or updating a listing. Optimizing your GMB will set the foundation for a successful medical clinic marketing campaign, so don’t skip over this step!

3. Build A Professionally Branded Medical Website 

A well-designed and user-friendly medical website is the foundation of a successful medical clinic marketing plan. It’s like having an online version of your medical clinic that shares important information with people interested in your medical services. Your website will be your main #1 lead generator, so it’s crucial to design it to be the best medical website possible.

Here are some important tips for designing a website that attracts a lot of potential patients.

Make Sure That Your Website Stands Out

Having a medical website with a unique brand identity is important for attracting and retaining patients. Instead of using ordinary stock images like most of your competitors, it’s more advantageous to use branded ones of your own medical clinic and staff.

You want visitors to see what sets you apart from other medical clinics right away. If you want to do really well in medical clinic marketing, create a website that people will remember and that leaves a strong impression on them!

Here are some tips to make your medical website stand out above the rest: 

  • Create a unique brand identity
  • Create engaging visuals
  • Create a compelling story
  • Add interactive features to improve conversion rates
  • Proudly showcase social proof
  • Ensure your medical website is easy-to-use 
  • Create user friendly navigation menu & site structure

By following these tips, your medical website will stand out from other medical clinics and people will have an easier time remembering your brand! 

4. Create A Medical Clinic Marketing Blog To Acquire New Patients

Create A Medical Clinic Marketing Blog To Acquire New Patients

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a top medical clinic marketing strategy for attracting new patients both locally and nationally. For medical clinics, having a blog can help you reach and educate potential patients who may have questions or need information on a specific treatment. 

By creating Medical Clinic Content such as “Understanding the Benefits of Annual Health Check-Ups”, you can provide valuable information to people who are interested in knowing if it is necessary to get yearly check-ups but may not know enough information to make a decision yet. 

These users are looking for trustworthy sources to learn from, and your medical clinic content can establish you as that reliable voice online. This is an important medical clinic marketing strategy to implement in your overall medical clinic marketing plan if you want to outshine your competitors.

Pro Tip: When you publish a new medical clinic blog or article, make sure to share the post to your socials, specifically your Google My Business listing. Publishing articles with keywords you want to rank for locally will help you pop up more frequently in the local search results.

5. Take Advantage of Location Pages To Rank For Local Keyword Searches

Location keywords tend to be easier to rank for since they are less competitive compared to national keywords. When optimizing your location page for local search results, each location should contain the city as the keyword + the focus keyword. Here is an example of location page’s focus keyword:

“Medical Clinic Fort Lauderdale” 

Your location page should be optimized for that specific location keyword and lets Google know that you provide services for that city at so and so locations. 

Pro Tip: You can create an interactive Google Maps Location Widget with Google Maps Quick Builder and embed it on your medical website’s location page. This will help Google understand the connection of your website with your Google My Business profile.

Dermatology Location Pages For SEO Overview

Stand alone Keyword-Focused Location Pages become even more important as you open more locations. Some local searches can be in the thousands monthly, so it is important to create these pages with the focus keyword being “city + specialty service”. Do some local keyword research to find out how you can rank for these local keywords.

Dermatologists Fort Lauderdale Semrush Search Result

6. Create Engaging High Quality Video Content For Youtube And Socials

Create Engaging High Quality Video Content For Youtube And Socials

Video content is vital to include in your medical clinic marketing strategy. People are relying on video more than ever to make purchasing decisions. Videos have become a powerful tool in medical clinic marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn have adjusted their algorithms to prioritize and reward creators who share video content regularly.

With this increasing emphasis on video, it’s important for businesses, including medical clinics, to include media production in their medical clinic marketing plans. But what type of videos can you create as a medical practice that will provide value to your users? Below we included a list of video marketing ideas to include in your medical clinic marketing plan:

  • Meet the Doctor Reels
  • Patient Testimonials
  • Procedure Explanations
  • Influencer Product Review Videos
  • Myth-Busting Reels
  • Virtual Clinic Tour Reels
  • Before & After Transformation Reels

Adding the above types of videos to your social media pages will help grow brand awareness and patient acquisition over time. Try Video Marketing in your medical clinic marketing strategy and watch your practices’ brand recognition grow overtime!

7. Host A Free Medical Webinar

Webinars is an ideal medical clinic marketing strategy that acts like a hook to attract and acquire new patients effectively. By offering webinars for free, you can create groups of prospects for the different services your medical clinic offers. For example, you can have a webinar on “The Link Between Diet and Heart Health: Tips for a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle.” This will help you hook people who enjoy botox and celebrities. 

In this webinar, you can cover 10 tips in 2023 that will help you implement a heartier nutrition plan. To supercharge your medical clinic webinar campaign, you can also create a social media marketing campaign to generate more leads! This will help you fill up your webinar seats with more prospect patients.

Try webinar marketing in your medical clinic marketing plan! It’s a strong digital marketing strategy for medical clinics that want to grow their online presence quickly. 

8. Take Advantage of Directories And Local Citations

Listing your medical clinic in local directories is important for improving your medical practice’s local SEO. Here are some directories where you should consider listing your medical practice:

  • Yelp
  • BBB
  • Facebook Company Page
  • Yellow Pages
  • Healthgrades
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • ZocDoc

Pro Tip: There are hundreds of directories available where you can list your medical practice. At Doc Digital SEM, we offer a service to manually list your medical practice in over 100+ directories for a flat fee of $350. This is a highly recommended medical clinic marketing strategy if you haven’t listed your practice in any directories yet. This will help boost your local authority and help you become more prominent in your local area!

Having over 100 backlinks from trustworthy websites can greatly improve your Local SEO rankings. It’s a powerful medical clinic marketing strategy to consider for boosting your practice’s local visibility.

9. Run A Google Ads Search Campaign

Using Google Ads to boost your Medical Clinic’s growth is crucial to have in your medical clinic marketing strategy for several reasons. Google is the #1 search engine people use look find the nearest medical clinic to them.

With Google you can target specific local keywords and demographics, so that your ads only show to potential patients that match your ideal target demographics and are actively looking for medical services. This helps you reach a highly interested audience and maximizes your medical marketing ad spend!

Different Types of Medical Marketing Campaigns You Can Build With Google Ads:

Medical clinics can benefit from various types of Google Ad campaigns to reach their target audience effectively. Here are some different types of Google Ad campaigns suitable for medical clinics:

  1. Search Ads Campaigns:
    • Keyword-Based Search Ads: Target specific keywords related to your medical services. For example, if you offer “orthopedic services,” bid on keywords like “orthopedic clinic” or “joint pain treatment.”
    • Location-Based Ads: Target users searching for medical services in your clinic’s vicinity by using location-based keywords such as “urgent care near me” or “pediatrician in [your city].”
  2. Display Ads Campaigns:
    • Remarketing Ads: Display ads to users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your clinic in some way. This helps keep your clinic top-of-mind for potential patients.
    • Contextual Targeting: Display ads on websites and pages related to health and wellness topics to reach users interested in medical services.
  3. Video Ads Campaigns:
    • YouTube Ads: Create video ads to educate potential patients about your clinic’s services, introduce your medical staff, or share patient testimonials. YouTube ad placements include various targeting options to help you reach your desired target audience.
  4. Shopping Ads Campaigns:
    • If your clinic sells medical products such as supplements, braces, or health equipment, you can set up shopping campaigns to showcase these products to potential buyers.
  5. App Promotion Campaigns:
    • If your clinic has a mobile app (for appointment scheduling, for example), use app promotion campaigns to encourage downloads and usage.
  6. Call-Only Ads Campaigns:
    • These ads are designed to drive phone calls to your clinic. Ideal for urgent care clinics, dental offices, and other services where a direct call is valuable.
  7. Local Services Ads:
    • These ads are specifically designed for local businesses, including medical clinics. They appear at the top of Google search results and include essential information like your clinic’s location, services, and reviews.
  8. Responsive Ads:
    • Use responsive ads to automatically adjust the format and size of your ad to fit different ad spaces on Google Display Network websites. This ensures your ads look good and are effective across various devices and platforms.
  9. Conversion Tracking and Optimization:
    • Regardless of the type of ad campaign you run, it’s crucial to set up conversion tracking to measure the success of your campaigns and optimize them for better results. You can track actions like appointment bookings, calls, and form submissions.

Remember to adhere to Google’s advertising policies and ensure that your ads comply with any regulations related to healthcare advertising. Additionally, regularly monitor and optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results for your medical clinic. Incorporate Google Ads into your medical clinic marketing strategy and watch your brand grow!

10. Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social media is used by billions of people daily. By leveraging social media marketing ads, medical clinics can enhance their online visibility on socials, attract new patients, and grow their medical clinic affordably.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Medical Clinics

  • Targeted advertising for reaching the right audience
  • Building brand awareness and trust
  • Showcasing your services and special offers
  • Encouraging user engagement and interaction
  • Ability to monitor and optimize campaigns for improved results
  • With a well-executed Social Media Medical Marketing ad campaign, your medical practice can attract a steady stream of new patients and establish a strong online presence in the digital landscape.
Pro Tip: Using more video content when advertising on social media tends to yield better results. Videos tend to outperform stock images and non-branded assets. Make sure to split test all your creatives and optimize accordingly.

Try social media as part of your medical clinic marketing plan!

11. Try Email And SMS Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing for Medical Clinics is an underutilized yet powerful tool for patient communication and engagement. Email marketing can help build branded trust, nurture new leads, and help with patient retention. Email marketing also helps with achieving other important aspects of your medical clinic marketing plan:

  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Building A Segmented Email Marketing List By Service
  • Leveraging Email Automation
  • Providing Valuable Content For Your Patients At Crucial Times

By applying email marketing to your medical clinic marketing plan, you can automate redundant email tasks, create friendly appointment reminder emails, send SMS appointment notification updates, and so much more!

12. Offer Discounts & Specials for New Patients 

Discounts and specials are a great way to attract new patients to your medical clinic. By offering exclusive deals and packages, you give people a compelling reason to choose your medical services over your competitors.

Medical Clinic Promotions also allow you to highlight specific treatments or procedures you want to promote or focus on. You can offer these discounts on your social media pages, share them as a Google My Business Posts, list them on Groupon, and even offer them on your website! Try Medical Clinic Promotional Offers to attract new patients as part of your medical clinic marketing strategy.

13. Hire Doc Digital SEM To Manage Your Medical Clinic’s Marketing Campaigns

Hire Doc Digital SEM To Manage Your Medical Clinic's Marketing Campaigns

Doc Digital SEM specializes in creating bulletproof medical clinic marketing campaigns that brings you the ROI you need. Our Medical Marketing Agency provides a full-suite digital marketing solution for all medical clinic types. We offer everything from SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management, to consultation, marketing automation and so much more!

We have helped hundreds of businesses like yours scale their medical clinic and increase their online visibility ten folds! Give one of our Digital Marketing Doctors a call to see how we can help you improve your medical practice marketing strategies. Our medical clinic marketing agency is second to none!

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